On 19th March we've opened our new air condinitioner store in 30-32 Bíró Márton Street, Zalaegerszeg where we offer Panasonic, Toshiba, Fujitsu, LG, Samsung, Danikin, Ficher and Midea air conditioners, heat pumps, liquid coolers, solar collectors and fan-coils. To choose the best product for you we provide a free check-up and assistance. You can also make a request for proposal for free.

We're looking forward to welcome you in our store in 30-32 Bíró Márton St. Zalaegerszeg.

The quality-policy of our company is hallmarked as well by the MSZ EN ISO 9001-2001 quality assurance certification achieved in 2001, which is verified in every year, considering the possible modifications, respectively supervising whether our Company matches to all points of the of the requirements of the quality management system.

The employees of our company perform their job keeping in their mind the customer-oriented business-policy, this way guarantee the high quality level, and the exact comply with the deadlines.



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